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Tovi Hair Salon, 4 Park Rd, New Malden, London, Kingston Upon Thames, KT3 5AF
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7 reviews
  • Alexandra·

    Had my first haircut at a Korean Salon and can say I had a pleasantly great experience. I am really happy and pleased with my haircut and the price is very decent. The hairdresser listened to exactly what I wanted (as I find it difficult to find someone to cut my hair to my standards) and he cut my hair very professionally and it was checked over by his wife professionally too. Thank you so much. I’ll be coming back again soon.

  • Sandar·

    First time in Tovi today for straight perm! I have been doing straight perm for many years with 5 different hair salon and I must say Tovi made my hair magic straight ever considering my hair has been damaged! Mr and Mrs Tovi work together in harmony on my hair artistically, skilfully and professionally! They have tons of patience treating the hair! Definitely going back again when due for another magic straight and hair cut! Thank you!

  • Louisse·

    This is my 2nd time going to TOVI Hair Salon to get the Magic Straight. This time I’m bringing my mother as she loved my hair results the first time in October 2022.
    I’m pleasantly surprised to see they are fully booked until July, it works better for us as it will look great for our summer holiday.

  • Misook Chae·

    몇년전 아는 분 소개로 토비 미용실을 가기 시작 해 지금까지 다니고 있어요.
    여지껏 여러곳을 다녔어도 마음에 흡족하게 만족한 적이 별로 없었는데 토비를 방문한 뒤로 계속 여기만 고집해요.
    내 주위에도 많은 분들이 이미 다니고 계시더라구요. 더 추천 하고픈 이유는 막 커트를 했을때도 좋지만 시간이 지날수록 스타일이 더 살아 난다는 점이에요.
    주위 많은 사람들에게서 커트 어디서 했냐는 질문을 받아요.
    토비 미용실, 적극 추천합니다

  • Sungshinyoo·

    2 for 1 몇일전 남편과 머리하고 왔어요 제남편이 동네 토니& 가이에서 오랬동안 머리를 해왔는데
    남편머리 가격으로 저까지 할수있어서요
    제남편은 머리에 까다로운 편이어서 오랫동안
    토니 & 가이에서 한 헤어디자인에게만 해왔는데 Tovi에서 한뒤로는 먼길을 마다하지 않고 Tovi에서 하고있어요 Tovi에 조집사님은 저회동네
    최고급 헤어살롱에서 오랫동안 최고의 헤어드래서로 일하셨지요(최고의 헤어드래서로 정평나있음)
    그헤어샵은 비싼곳이라 저는 엄두도 못내었는데
    이제는 좋은가격으로 최고의 머리 써비스를 받는
    행운을 누리네요
    좀멀긴 하지만… 덕분에 한국식당에서 한국음식도
    먹을수 있는 절호의 챤스…
    감사합니다 조집사 !

  • Rebecca·

    A few months ago my mother and I went for a haircut after the lockdown measures had eased and we were pleasantly surprised at how professional Tovi was and how he listened to my request to not have too much cut off! My hair has since grown really well and I look forward to coming back for another trim !

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